Six Flags: A Roller Coaster of a Trip

Six Flags: A Roller Coaster of a Trip

By: Rebecca Jones

Last Friday, April 28th, Duxbury High Schools’ physics classes took four bus fulls of students to Six Flags New England. Many students described this trip as quite eventful, due to many travel complications.

“The day started out pretty poor because we sat in the busses for two hours before we were allowed to leave, because they timed it all wrong. On the way up we stopped twice, which ended up wasting a lot of time. We arrived the park around noon. Then, we all had to eat lunch, which left us with two hours in the park to do all of our work and have fun, but nobody had time to have fun,” said senior Madison M.

This experience was common for many other students who felt the transportation delayed and hindered their experience at Six Flags. Junior Kristian C. said, “There were a lot of problems with transportation. We had busses breaking down and had to transfer kids over to the other busses. We also spent a lot of time on the road. It would be a little better if we had more time in the park, my experience felt rushed, but other than that it was pretty good.”

With the limited time the students spent in the park, they did go on a few rides. Sophomore Jacalyn L. said “The rides were great, Goliath was my favorite.”

Senior Sam D. said “My favorite ride has got to be Superman. The lines weren’t that long especially for the Batman which was nice because we could pretty much get off and walk right back on. You don’t always get that there.”

Others who didn’t enjoy the rides as much, explained that being around each other was part of the fun. Senior Abby L. said, “My favorite part was just spending time with people in other physics classes.”

Some students still had an amusing day aside for the drama with travel and shortened time at the park. Meanwhile, others left feeling they didn’t quite get the experience they payed for. “Overall, we did not get the bang for our buck and it was a waste of time and money for most people,” said Madison M.

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