Prom Preview 2017

Prom Preview 2017


With prom fast approaching, dresses, tuxedos, and arrival vehicles are all the rage in DHS currently. This year will mark the second time in three years that the Duxbury prom will be held at Gillette Stadium. The date is set for Saturday, May 20th.The red carpet will be rolled out in front of the High School on the street leading right up to the front doors of building.

There has a bit of controversy over how the students will be getting to Foxboro. Over the past few months, after it was decided that everyone would be taking school busses over coach busses, there has been some disappointment throughout the student body.

Many students are up in arms saying that it will be too crammed and uncomfortable with everyone dressed to the nines packed onto school busses. Sophomore Lila S said, “It’s a bit of a let down knowing that we won’t be taking the comfortable, spacious coach busses to prom because it would make the ride a lot easier and girls would be a lot less stressed about getting their dresses dirty.”

Another student, Senior Class President Aidan C weighed in on the topic saying, “It was definitely a tough decision for us the Student Council Committee to make but we did not want to have to charge students $30-40 more per ticket which could have potentially caused for even more uproar from students.”

Well, with prom being next weekend, only time will tell if the 2017 Prom bus “saga” will be cause for concern come next Saturday as the event is fast approaching.

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