Meet the Class of 2020

Meet the Class of 2020

By Ben A., Fletcher D, and Daniel F.

The current freshman class is the class of 2020. They have been in High School for about a year. An anonymous Dragon Flyer poll was sent out to see what they thought about DHS.

These are their responses.

What they like:

“Different class locations rather than one area in the middle school where your classes are. Also not having teams.”

“Social aspect, therapy dogs, spirit week, etc.”

“Better than 8th grade, I like how we get more freedoms, and people are growing up, kind of.”

What they dislike:

I dislike the gym requirements. I think that if you play at least two sports then you should not be required to take four gyms.”

“The amount of homework and stress.”

“Unnecessarily large and expensive school. Also, why are there TVs in the cafeteria?”

“Not much time between classes.”

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