What Seniors Will Miss

What Seniors Will Miss

By Aidan Taberner, Lizzy Creamer, & Lia Stapinski

As the final days of the school year approach, many seniors are thinking about the aspects of DHS they will miss, and what they are looking forward to post graduation

With college on the horizon, many seniors excited and eager to make new memories away from Duxbury. Senior Robyn Matteus, a member of the University of South Carolina class of 2021, said she’s most looking forward to freedom as well as “having time for myself and choosing how to manage my time.” Matteus also said that she will miss the beach and, “… just like little things about high school that you don’t think you’ll miss. Like seeing people in other grades that you won’t see next year.”

For senior Mike Gill, shorter school days are something he looks forward to as a member of the Elon University class of 2021. “I’m looking forward to not going to school for 6 hours each day,” Gill said. “I think that being able to study what I want to, more than what I’m forced to will make it all a lot better of an experience and make it a lot more fun.” Gill also said that he will miss the people the most when he goes to college.

Senior Tessa Bertino, a member of the Goucher College class of 2021 said, “I will miss the people in my classes the most.” Similarly, Westfield State class of 2021 member Brooke Murphy said, “I’m going to miss all my friends that are going to different schools.”


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