Girl Code: Coming Together to Fight Stereotypes

Girl Code: Coming Together to Fight Stereotypes

By Kaitlyn B.

People of this generation definitely have it pretty hard, girls especially. We’re constantly trying to keep up with society’s standards of how we “should” look and act. Some people expect us to be weak. Some people think that we can’t do anything on our own, when truly, we are independent.

If you ask any girl, it’s almost guaranteed that she will have faced some moment where she felt like she couldn’t do something, simply because of her gender. None of us should ever feel that way.

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There are so many stereotypes people have been faced with for years, especially girls. Nora B says “Some of the stereotypes girls face are not being good leaders, being weak, or being emotional, which is annoying.”

We’re often expected to show up in more than just leggings and an old hoodie, and to always have perfect highlight and contour, and flawless eyeliner every day. Looking pretty and dressing up can be fun, and I know there are many of us who adore doing our makeup and showing off the latest trends, myself included, but there are definitely days where we just want to go out in comfy clothes and a bare face.

Girls are often treated differently because of the way they look or dress. Things are assumed about them, when they’re really just doing what makes them happy. Nobody should be criticised for doing what they love.

Bit by bit, times are changing. People are starting to realize that if we want to wear that sparkly new dress we bought, or rock a breathtaking smokey eye and a vibrant lip color, we’re doing it because it makes us happy. People are realizing that we can leave our house in old sneakers and a t-shirt but still have a smile on our faces.


Girls should be coming together to make a stand. We have to speak up for the girls who don’t have the courage to do so. We need to believe in others, and in ourselves because we are the same as everyone else. We can all be there for each other by lifting each other up, not by putting each other down. Don’t look for what others are doing wrong, look for what they’re doing right. Piper G, a sophomore, said, “If we all just come together as a group, we can support each other, more than just individually.”

We are hard-working, intelligent, and important. We should look up to the women who changed the world, like Susan B. Anthony, or Malala Yousafzai. When we want to do something, we can do it. We are strong enough to do anything we set our minds to.

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