Clearing the Air on Co-Curricular Clubs

Clearing the Air on Co-Curricular Clubs

By: Carlin H.

This year at DHS, the co-curricular fee policy will be more strictly enforced.  

The policy isn’t different from last year except for three changes. According to Mr. Scozzaro, “there are no exemptions, everybody pays, and online is the way to pay.”

There were some clubs that were exempt from paying the fee. Now, the $110 “Is a fee for all of our co-curricular clubs. Pay the fee once, and participate in as many.”, says Mr. Scozzaro

The fee goes towards teacher stipends, money paid to teachers to advise clubs. After hearing this, junior Michaella C. said she was “Happy that the money is going somewhere important like towards a teacher’s salary rather than to materials needed” She thought her payment was perhaps being split among clubs but she’s “Happy to know I’m not paying for other club’s supplies.”

Ms. Sullivan, advisor to Best Buddies and the Humanitarian Project, has not seen any decline in student participation that can be attributed to the fee but believes it is necessary because, “There are so many co-curricular clubs now that they (the school) need those funds.”

This is the current fundraiser that the Humanitarian Club is doing to support Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico.  Last year, the co-curricular fee was not required for the club but this year the only exceptions are “the clubs where students are voted in. So it’s basically the Stuco E-Board and the class officer positions”, according to Mr. Scozzaro. 

Ms. Coleman, an advisor to the National Honors Society,  agreed and said, “Everyone pays an athletic fee and no one complains about that… the co-curricular fee is like an equivalency. There are costs associated that can’t be accounted for in the school budget.”

The co-curricular fee remains as a $110 payment that will allow you to join all of the clubs that one could desire.

Students can find all information pertaining to co-curriculars here.

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