Spirit Week- Is It Worth It?

Spirit Week- Is It Worth It?

By: Brooke Stuhr and Quinn Fleming

Spirit week.  It’s always a big hit here at Duxbury High School.  Gathering with your friends, showing your style, and demonstrating immense amounts of school spirit.

However, as the well anticipated week approaches, questions arise on whether it’s all worth it.  As different students were interviewed, when asked about how much they spend on the week, answers ranged from $5 to $80.  Senior, Abby H said, “personally, I think it (the cost) is worth it because everyone goes all out and it’s just one week of the year that we all get to come together as a class and participate in something”.  Similarly, junior Julia B said, “It’s worth it because it’s fun to do with friends, especially pop culture day”.

Many do believe the steep cost they pay for the week’s events is worth it, but there are also some who disagree.

Senior Kellie E said “I thinks it’s kind of crazy how much everyone spends.  But then again it’s cool because everyone looks really good.”  Many can justify their spendings with the intensity their grade wants to demonstrate.  Kellie adds, “In the past I’ve spent around 30 bucks but this year, I’m spending 50 because of 80’s day, i’m trying to go hard core.”

Another opinion formed was the comparison on how boys go into spirit week versus how girls do.  One senior boy, Jack B said, “I think they (girls) want to look better while boys just want to look cool and don’t need to spend as much money” who says he only spends about $8 on the week’s festivities.  

Contradicting this statement, another senior boy, Sean C said, “I try to make as many clothes as I can.  Last year I spent around $120 between a lace front wig and other kind of supplies to complete my looks”.  

Other students had expressed more enthusiasm about this upcoming spirit week. “In the past I haven’t spent that much on spirit week, this year I plan to go all out and spend a lot more and try and make my costumes better.” said senior Ellie D. Another senior Charlie G felt the same way. “I haven’t gone as hard as I’d like so I’ve only spent about 50 ball park range, this year I’m looking upwards at about 150.”

It looks like the seniors plan to give the weeks spirit their best shot yet this year.


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