Duxbury Students: Our Town

Duxbury Students: Our Town

By Kaitlyn B.

There are so many wonderful aspects of Duxbury, but there are definitely a few that may not be as exciting.

We’re very fortunate to live in a place where a beautiful beach is steps away, and where it’s a short drive from one of America’s most captivating cities.

Dylan A, a junior, says, “My favorite part of living here is probably spending time at the beach in the Summer.”

Living in Duxbury means having a big blue ocean to swim in when it gets too hot, watching the stunning sunrise from Powder Point Bridge, and finishing off your day around a  warm fire pit in your own backyard.


Growing up here is an amazing experience, and there are so many great lessons people can learn throughout their time here.

This town is definitely known for the amount of accomplished athletes and scholars it produces. Without a doubt, Duxbury brings uncountable amounts of great people to great places after high school ends.

With such a thriving town, there are so many different people, with many different thoughts and ideas. Some of us may love where we live, but others, not so much.

Aidan M, who has lived in Duxbury his whole life said, “I think Duxbury is a bubble. I think there are a lot of good aspects of it, like it’s a beautiful town, but I feel like you’re not exposed to a lot of the real world that some other people our age might be exposed to.”

If Aidan could change anything about this town, he’d “Bring in more diversity and also pop the bubble around the town, to show people different options in life, you don’t have to be a lawyer, a doctor, or go into business, there are other things too.”


One problem that commonly affects students is the lack of multicultural experience.

Kacy C, who moved to Duxbury 2 years ago says, “I don’t like how non-diverse Duxbury is sometimes.” While we do have a bit of diversity, in comparison to other places, this town is a bit short on that.

A new student to DHS, Melanie L, says “There’s not as much diversity in Duxbury. That’s something I don’t really like because I like having different people. The more diverse, the more exciting it is.”

Every town has negatives and positives, but there are also some factors that can go either way. A senior, Becca M, says she likes living in the bubble, but “Living somewhere like this means it’s very exclusive and people can be very mean.”

Duxbury is an extremely tight community, so everybody really knows everybody. This can be good, but also bad. If one thing happens, everyone knows within the next few days.

Senior, Morgan M says, “My favorite thing is how close knit the community is, but at the same time that’s probably my least favorite thing.”

When things are going on in our town, everyone knows about it. If something happens that someone doesn’t want every single person to hear about, they might be out of luck. On the other hand, this can be beneficial, because it is always good to know more about what’s going on in your community.

Duxbury is a wonderful town with so many different aspects to it, and anyone who gets the privilege to grow up here is truly lucky. There are unlimited opportunities that are open to us that some other places may not have, and that is absolutely amazing.

No town is perfect, but Duxbury is definitely as close as it can get!


In the words of Aidan M, “Duxbury is a very nice town and it’s taught me a lot of good lessons. I’ve enjoyed my time here and met lots of great people.”

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