Opinion: Let’s Make Homecoming a Thing

Opinion: Let’s Make Homecoming a Thing

By: Carlin H.

Tonight the DHS football team will play their homecoming game.  In other schools, students have a homecoming dance following the game, but in Duxbury, it’s a little different. The week leading up to the game, we have a series of days where we dress up with different themes. On the last day of the week, we have a pep rally and elect a homecoming court, and we go to the game on Friday night, but that’s the end of “homecoming”. Why don’t we have homecoming dance? According to Mr. Alberti, the administration had some concerns about the “inappropriate” dancing that occurred at events. The concern is valid, because as Mr. Alberti said, “they couldn’t find chaperones… because people were uncomfortable.” Students weren’t fond of these new rules and the trend of not showing up began.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 6.38.38 PM
Seniors Kate R. and Tara C. on class day, one of the days of the Spirit Week that leads up to the homecoming game.


As Student Council President, Alexis D., said “the culture in the school right now is ‘oh my gosh, I wish we had a homecoming dance’” but she said that attendance was a huge factor. She said “The kids won’t show up when we have one.” Unfortunately, students corroborated that theory, as junior, Carolyn M., said she likely wouldn’t go but “it kind of depends on if other people were going”. I think that is the attitude of many kids in the school. It is up to us as school, and as individual classes to show up to a homecoming dance if it was put together for us. A dance is obviously lame if no one goes, so why not have everyone go? Prom and Senior Night out are events that everyone looks forward to, and from what I’ve heard, when the school comes together for an event like a dance, we end up having a lot of fun together.

It may be too late for the class of 2018 to enjoy a homecoming dance, but it is certainly not too late for the classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021. It is up to us to create a new attitude about homecoming dances, and we can accomplish just that. As Mr. Donovan said, “It just takes the right kids, at the right time, with the right idea.”

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