Best Buddies: A Safe Place For All

Best Buddies: A Safe Place For All

IMG_0545One month ago over 100 students gathered together in school after hours to show their support for the school club best buddies. “ It’s amazing how these kids flourish today because of programs like this and because of the inclusion in school.” Said Susan Sullivan, advisor of the club.  Even kids from breadboard came to cook the group a delicious dinner and dessert. That night peers and buddies got together to eat dinner and get to know each other for the first hour of many this year.


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Throughout the year, the club holds many exciting events such as the Sauchuk Farm field trip, the talent show, the bowling alley field trip, and much more. Member of the club; Tammy H. said her favorite field trip was Edaville because “it has great food and awesome rides”. Buddy Joey V. said “ I really liked the farm but I also liked the talent show” the best.  


Current members of the club all have different reasons why they were inspired to join Best Buddies and why it is important to them. Member Emma D. said “ I wanted to join best buddies because I thought that it would be a great opportunity for meeting some new people…I want to be someone in the school that a buddy has to talk to.”  Junior Michaela C. said she wanted to join Best Buddies because she “ wanted to meet new people and form a friendship with someone.”


Overall, when members of the club were asked if being in this club has made a difference in their lives, they all responded with a resounding yes. Student Tammy H. said “ yes, it’s made a difference in my life. I’ve definitely made new friends and now I hang out with them outside of the club”. Members of the club also believe that it has had a great impact on our school. They believe that this club provides a wonderful sense of inclusion for everybody that sadly wouldn’t necessarily be a part of the school without Best Buddies. “Even if we just have a little field day and go outside, their so excited, they’re so happy, and they’re just one of the guys…they don’t see themselves as different out there.” Said Susan Sullivan



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