DHS Fall Festival of Plays 2017 Preview

DHS Fall Festival of Plays 2017 Preview

The Fall Festival of Plays is back at the Black Box Theatre! The first night of the plays has concluded and the Drama Department is looking to finish out strong. The festival started last night with the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes performing their own one act play.

Although these are one act plays spanning forty minutes each, a lot of work went into the production of these plays. Junior Student Director Sean C said,“Two months were spent in rehearsals with rehearsals twice a week for two hours.” This is 30 hours of rehearsal time.

In rehearsals, much of the time is spent practicing lines and gestures to go along with these lines. Noah C, who is acting in the Sophomore play, said, “It’s a lot of practice. It’s not just memorizing lines, it’s more of memorizing hand movements and subtle gestures that can really take it to the next level.”

The Drama Department is hoping for an attendance of two hundred to two hundred and fifty people over the course of the three nights. Both Sean and Noah will have “pre-show” nerves the night of the play. Sean said, “I’m not really stressed out, but I’ll expect that I will be nervous during the night of the plays.”

It is not just the on-stage production that goes into the play. There are about fifteen crews that take care of everything from sound to lighting.

The Fall Festival of plays rolls in on Friday and Saturday in the Black Box Theatre at 6pm.

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