Head of the Charles: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Head of the Charles: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

By: Carlin H.

This past weekend, the Duxbury High School Crew team participated in the fifty-third annual Head of the Charles Regatta*.

“It is the largest two day rowing regatta with more entries than any other regatta,” said Betsy Davenport, the girls varsity head coach, “Crews from all over the world race in it.”

The team had one men’s boat of eight rowers and one women’s boat of eight rowers, as well as one women’s boat of four rowers in the races on Sunday, October 22.


The Duxbury men’s eight rowing up towards the finish line during their race. Senior captain Chris B. said, “It was really solid, it was really fast, and it was a lot of fun.” (Photo taken by Oli Rosenbladt)

“I’m really excited,” Oli Rosenbladt, head coach of the rowing program and the boys varsity coach said ahead of the races. “In eighty-five boats, a lot can happen, but I am not at all worried about how they are going to do.” And a lot did happen in the race, as there was some ill-coxing* that occurred in another girls eight in the race, according to sophomore Fiona S., which caused the boat to “crash”.

Member of the women’s eight Ellen W. said, “I’m so proud of how far we’ve come.” after the race. Above, the women’s eight pulls towards the finish line.  (Photo taken by Oli Rosenbladt)

Overall, Duxbury had a positive showing at the event, and the girls four qualified for a spot in the race next year. In order to qualify for a spot in the race, boats need to place in the top half of their event. Otherwise, there is a lottery system where a computer generates who gets entered into which races.

Most athletes thought that the race was an exciting one. “I thought it was really fun,” said Ethan D., senior captain, “I’ve been waiting for four years for it, and it was a really great experience.” Younger athletes, like Fiona S., a sophomore on the team, says “It is the most exciting thing I have done crew related since I joined the team.”

After coming off of this great experience, the Duxbury Crew team prepares to go to the Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing Association Fall Championships this weekend to end their fall season.


“There is no comparison”, senior captain and coxswain*** of the women’s four, Kate R., said following the race. The above video shows the women’s four (the white boat) rowing under the final bridge of the course. The whole live stream that this video was found in can be seen here. 


*A regatta is the name for the competition that rowers participate in. It is like saying someone has a match or a game.

** ill-coxing was used to describe the poor calls that the coxswain*** behind the girls’ eight made during the race.

** A coxswain is a person who sits in the boat with the rowers whose job is to steer the boat and make calls to motivate the crew throughout their race.

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