Favorite Fall Activities of DHS Students

Favorite Fall Activities of DHS Students

By Alex B.

A poll, asking the favorite and second favorite fall activity of Duxbury High School students, was sent out on Monday of last week. Here are the results:

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It’s clear that there’s not just one single thing that students enjoy doing during the fall. Baking and eating apple and/or pumpkin pie was the top favorite and second favorite activities, with 27.2% and 23.4%.

Visiting corn mazes placed second on the favorite fall activity chart, and tied for fifth on the second favorite chart. Apple picking ranked third on the favorite chart, and second on the second favorite chart.

Collecting fallen leaves and going on hayrides stayed last in both charts.

In the other category, students answered things such as playing football and soccer, visiting haunted houses, watching horror and Halloween movies, enjoying other types of autumnal foods, and enjoying the nippy fall weather.

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The majority answered that fall was not their favorite season, with 60.8% of students. The reasoning for why it was not were statements about the weather, how it was getting cold, allergies flaring up, and the start of the school year. Sophomore Ryan H. said, “It is not because, while the temperature is nice, I prefer winter and/or summer, for me, it provides more activities.”

The students who voted yes preferred the pretty nature, the food, the clothing, and the sports. Junior Kayli K. said, “It’s my favorite season because I think the nature is so beautiful. I love all the different fall outfits and makeup looks to create, and I love the feeling of fall.” Freshmen Phoebe F. said, “I like how it begins getting cold, but not completely freezing yet. As well as having many different colors on the trees. There are also many activities you can do in the fall.”









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