Senior Class Plays

Senior Class Plays

By: Quinn F.

The annual Senior Class Plays are approaching and its got the seniors fully intrigued. This year, the plays will be held on November 17th and 18th at 7:30pm in the Performing Arts Center. To know what the audience should expect, I’ve asked cast members to share with me their perspective.

Roughly 130 seniors auditioned this year for the event and around 40 had to be cut because the advisors didn’t want more than 90. Now, with 90 seniors participating, they have 3 plays that will be preformed.

Sydni T., a director of one of the plays, filled me in on her individual role and why she chose to be a director. “Ever since I was a freshman, I always thought the plays were hilarious and saw my siblings in them. I never necessarily knew that I wanted to direct until about last year when they were asking for people, and I just knew it’d be a ton of fun to show the kids in my grade what drama’s about.“

The directors include Sean O. and Morgan M. for Cards of Fate, Sydni and Ellie M. on Breaking Badly, and Grayce T. and Corryn C. on 10 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse.

Cards of Fate is about a game show where if you get a question wrong, you doom someone else’s life on each question. Breaking badly is about couples breaking up in different ways and the third show, 10 Ways to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse, is pretty self-explanatory.

Cal P., costume chair for the plays, expressed how she felt, “So far, I think it’s going really well, a lot of the characters are pretty self-sufficient with their costumes, by obtaining them on their own.”

Being costume chair means that Cal is responsible for receiving, organizing, and giving out the necessary costumes for each play. “As of right now I think my play is my favorite one, the zombie apocalypse one. It’s just fun and comedy is always good.”

Tyler Richards, who is also apart of the zombie apocalypse play, said, “It’s a great play, everyone’s doing so well at their parts, I’m also a zombie. I’m looking forward to preforming it, it’s going to be great.”


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