Arthur Wills Visits the Duxbury Senior Center

By: Brooke S

On Tuesday November 14th, the Duxbury Senior Center hosted Arthur Wills, a Harvard Medical School graduate who has a love for art.

Every fall, Wills brought a group of contemporary artists to beloved Hupper Island, located off the central Maine coast, these became known as the Hupper’s Five.  The works of the five can be found in Duxbury’s own Helen Bumpus Gallery.

Wills hobby as a collector began early in his life.  “Well I took that modern art course in 1954 and well that’s when I got interested in modern art” said Wills.  “Then I came down here (Marshfield), lived here, and that’s when I met Gay Youse and started coming to the Bumpus Gallery…and then I began to get to know all these artists and I would have parties for them, well some of them”.

Wills favorite piece belonged to one of the members of Hupper’s Five.  “Harringut by Sue Mcnally” he said.  “It’s where I live (Hupper Island, Maine) and its got N.C Wyeth’s house in the background and I took this painting over to the studios and showed it to Andrew Wyeth and we had a good talk about various things”.  Talk of N.C Wyeth got Dr. Wills excited, and he elaborated on the artist.  “Not so much for his illustrations, but he did a series of paintings in the 30s and he just let it all hang out and he’d paint seagulls bigger than the boats and it’s just great” said Wills.

One might ask, why would such a lover not become an artist himself. Did he want to?

“Always.  But I can’t paint”.

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