3 Places to Go This Thanksgiving

3 Places to Go This Thanksgiving

By: Alex B.

Thanksgiving is one of the most cultural holidays celebrated in America, with a big feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and many more assorted filling foods. Celebrating Thanksgiving is also a great way to wrap up the season of fall, as almost all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees, and the cold is creeping in and nipping more and more.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is usually spent at home, with family. Sophomore Alex B. said, “It’s a nice time of year, seeing family and being thankful for what you have.” However, many Americans enjoy spending their Thanksgiving away from home, spending a few days with family to have fun and make memories.

Here are three great places to visit this Thanksgiving:

Charleston, South Carolina

If you want a quiet, historic place to celebrate Thanksgiving, look no further than Charleston, South Carolina. “[Charleston] is a quaint, historic part of South Carolina,” said junior Jack D. “You can tour a plantation or a battleship. It [hosts] a large collection of confederate artifacts.”

Travelling around a nice, little town and learning about its history and the world in general is a nice experience to share with family, and one that brings people together. For a meal, families can settle down and enjoy the diverse food that is available in town. After all, enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with loved ones is, “what Thanksgiving is all about,” as Jack put it.


Southern Maine

As the closest place to home on this list, southern Maine does not have quite as many different things as the other travel locations. Despite this, it makes up for that with apple picking for what junior Emma B. said were, “the juiciest apples you ever tasted.”

There’s nothing like spending time with family in an orchard picking delicious apples, to go home and make even more delicious apple pie–an experience that would undoubtedly bring a family even closer.


Disney World

Disney World is one of those places that has celebrations for every time and every holiday of the year–Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, New Year’s, etc.––and a place families can go to experience what Walt himself would call “a magical time”.

Disney World doesn’t have a planned fireworks show like usual for Thanksgiving, but for what they lack in entertainment, they make it up in dining. During this time, Disney offers the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all of the other great side dishes at their restaurants.

The day after Thanksgiving, the Disney parks transition into their Christmas celebrations, and it makes a nice segue from the end of fall to the beginning of winter and the holiday season.


Cover photo and Charleston photo taken by Jack D.

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