Duxbury Students Serve and Inspire: Role Model Mentors

Duxbury Students Serve and Inspire: Role Model Mentors

By: Kacey Decker

Role Model Mentors is an organization that works with high school students to mentor kids in kindergarten through the 8th grade. Students at Duxbury High School have been participating in this organization and gaining leadership skills that will be helpful in their future.

Role Model Mentors is centered around the principle to enrich the life not just of the mentee, but also the mentor. The relationship created between the two should benefit the both of them. Role Model Mentors is an organization that aims to be meaningful, while also recognizing the interests and talents of the mentee and mentor.

Role Model Mentors began with Tim Boylan, who had a very positive experience with hiring a high school student to help work with his daughter on her lacrosse skills and academics. From there, he decided to start up a company in Ridgefield, Connecticut; the goal was to find talented, high achieving high school students to help mentor younger students from ages 4 to 13. The mentoring takes place at the home of the mentee.

Senior Emily D. said, “The program has clearly demonstrated to me how older students within Duxbury make a true impact on the students in the grades below them. The best part about working with my mentee was that throughout the process, I was able to make a real connection with her and form a bond that I would have never made without Role Model Mentors. It was truly inspiring.” Also, sophomore Friend W. said, “I have learned how to get along better with kids. I have learned responsibilities, as well. What I enjoyed the most about being matched with my mentee was that he was a good little kid and I could tell he looked up to me.”

Role Model Mentors also has the ability to help mentors with pursuing an interest that they are passionate about and see themselves having as a career. Senior Eliza E. said, “I signed up for Role Model Mentors because it seemed similar to babysitting, which is the main way that I earn money. Together, we bake cookies, play games, paint and draw, and do other activities that are relaxing and enjoyable, and are things that I wouldn’t usually think to do in my free time.” Additionally, junior Michaella C. said, “It seemed like an easy way to make money, and also something that would look good for college. I also want to be a teacher, so I figured that mentoring is similar to that and would be good practice.” In this sense, Duxbury students are able to help younger kids with their school work and activities, while working towards exploring their own interests, as well.

Role Model Mentors strives to inspire children and give them a positive influence in their lives. Mentors understand that adolescent years are awkward and challenging, therefore they use their own experiences to guide mentees. If you are interested in joining this organization, visit RoleModelMentors.com  for more information!

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