Humans of Duxbury: Mr. Mael

Humans of Duxbury: Mr. Mael

Name: Mr. Mael

Occupation: History teacher at Duxbury High School

“I did not know that I wanted to be a teacher for my whole life. I wanted to be a full time journalist, but it’s not the easiest industry to make full time money in. I had a really bad experience in high school- I was not the prototypical AP High School student. So, I never really wanted to go back, like why would I want to go back somewhere that I didn’t like… But then I realized that a lot of kids struggle with the same kinds of things I did so maybe I could come back and be helpful in those areas and become a really positive, enthusiastic, force in kids’ lives who can make a difference for kids who might be struggling with what I was… I’ve always liked teenagers and young kids, like even middle school aged, and I thought it would be a good thing to do. Like, maybe I could make a positive impact. It’s been good, I mean I love the job, I love teaching, and also I really like history so it’s a lot of fun. You know, I make the comment to your class sometimes, like ‘I can’t believe I get paid to sit in a room with you guys and talk about history. That just seems unfair to people.’”

Favorite thing about DHS: “The kids. I’ve been to plenty of high schools, I cover high school sports, I’ve met high school kids from all over the state, I student taught in Sharon, I went to Sharon High School, and I’ve never seen kids that were as nice as this, as dedicated to school as this, as friendly, respectful, just great kids. I honestly get very excited everyday when I come into work. Like, when my alarm rings in the morning, I’m not like, ‘ugh I have to see these kids’, I really do get excited because you guys are so, so nice and so happy to be here and it’s just been a great place. Kids are great.”

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