Top 5 Unorthodox Christmas Movies

Top 5 Unorthodox Christmas Movies

By Daniel F.

To kick off 25 Christmas movies you should watch, here are some unorthodox Christmas movies. These movies aren’t the typical Christmas movies that focus on the good aspects of the holiday. Instead, they concern more dark aspects. From slasher films to action flicks, here are the top 5 unorthodox Christmas movies.

  1. “Black Christmas”

“Black Christmas” is an interesting concept for a slasher film. It is a 1974 Canadian movie that chronicles sorority sisters being murdered during the holiday season. It’s considered one of the first slasher films ever made. It had an influence on John Carpenter’s “Halloween”. It is now considered to be a cult classic. Bob Clark, the director, also directed “A Christmas Story.”

  1. “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

“Silent Night, Deadly Night” is another slasher film set during Christmas. This movie concerns Billy (Robert Brian Wilson), a man who suffers from PTSD after witnessing his parents’ murder during Christmas Eve and being abused in a Catholic orphanage. Christmas leads Billy to have a mental breakdown and don a Santa suit to start a murderous rampage around the orphanage. It has also become a cult classic and spawned four sequels and a remake.

  1. “Bad Santa”

“Bad Santa” is a black comedy film concerning Willie T. Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) and his dwarf assistant Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox) as thieves who dress up as Santa and his elf. They plot to steal from shopping malls at night. Of course, Willie is an alcoholic who doesn’t perform a great Santa and swears at children. It goes downhill from there.

  1. “Gremlins”

This film is about a young man who gets a Mogwai as a Christmas present. This creature must never be exposed to bright lights or sunlight (which will kill it), must not get wet, and never be fed after midnight. He names the Mogwai Gizmo. Then a friend of the boy spills water on Gizmo and spawns five more Mogwai. It goes downhill from there. The film relies on black comedy against a Christmas setting.

  1. “Die Hard”

Yes, “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. Set during Christmas Eve, NYPD Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) wants to reconcile with his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) at her employer’s Christmas Party. All of sudden, a German terrorist named Hans Gruber (the late Alan Rickman) and his armed forces seize control of everyone in the building, except McClane. The rest of the movie chronicles McClane’s attempts to stop Gruber and his henchmen. Of course, this is a weird Christmas movie, but it is set during Christmas Eve and some critics have ranked the movie on their all-time best Christmas films.

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“Black Christmas” trailer from MovieCriticBlog on YouTube.

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