The TD Garden and The Special Feeling it Gives You

The TD Garden and The Special Feeling it Gives You


The TD Garden is a special place when it’s gameday. The memories can be felt just by walking around the stadium. Memories of legendary plays and players. Maybe even personal memories such as the first game you went to, or seeing your favorite player, play. Most can be said about every sports stadium, but your team’s stadium is the only one that can give you a special feeling like no other.

Basketball isn’t my favorite sport, but I still got that special feeling when I walked into the TD Garden last Saturday for my first Celtics game. This wasn’t my first time in the Garden, I had been their for a few Bruins games, two Harlem Globetrotter Games, and even a WWE event. However, the many different faces that the Garden has: from a hockey rink to a basketball court, makes it feel like a different stadium with every change.

The Celtics played the Phoenix Suns on December 12th beating them 116-111. The game itself was exciting, but the measures taken to keep the fans excited during TV timeout or in between quarters is something else. Different from NFL games, NBA games uses dancers and fan events during commercials, and a half time show consisting of trampoline dunkers and two teams of dancers.

From just the nostalgia of being at the Garden, to the measures taken to keep the crowd entertained during breaks, The TD Garden gives you a special feeling from the moment you step in the door to the moment you leave.

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