A record breaking season

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October 28th, the Duxbury High School cheerleading team took home third place at the Braintree Invitational. They broke their school record with a score of 90 at the meet.

This was the start of a series of record breaking scores towards the end of their fall season.

On November 5th they took home second place at the Patriot League Fall Championship, scoring 91.3! This is their highest score of the season, and their highest score ever received in Duxbury history.

They then went on to WIN the South Sectional Championship on Sunday, November 12th scoring an 89.

How were they able to do it? One of the four senior Captains, Maura A., said, “This season we really stepped it up. We worked our hardest and challenged ourselves  everyday. We were motivated to change the way the school views our sport. Our practices became strict and the captains made sure everyone stayed focused and motivated”.

According to the MSAA performance division competition score sheet, the level of difficulty of partner stunts, pyramids, tumbling, and jumps within the routine can earn the most points during competitions.

Duxbury’s squad was able to “Include express up to heels stretch and a full around to arabesque in our first stunt” to boost their score according to Maura, “This was the most difficult part of our routine that we learned to master”.

Here you can see what Dragon TV’s sports center has to say about the squads record breaking season.

“In the winter we want to be even better than the Fall. Our goal is to get to Nationals.” They would have to score an 88 at states to do so, according to Maura.

As the cheer squad momentum carries over to the Winter season, here are some dates to look forward to:

Leagues february 14th: most likely held at home

Regionals March 4th: location not available yet

States March 11th: location not available yet

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