Kaitlyn and Carlin Run on Dunkin

Kaitlyn and Carlin Run on Dunkin

By Kaitlyn B. and Carlin H.

Every morning, someone wakes up and thinks, “I can’t wait to have my Dunkin.”

They rely on their go-to coffee order to get them through the days of their lives. But have you ever wondered about how this chain really makes their coffee?

Because they’re a chain, you may think that every location makes their coffee exactly the same, but that is simply not the case.

Here in Duxbury, there are three main locations people travel to get their coffee: Hall’s Corner, Cox Corner, and the one in Kingston at Cranberry Crossing.

We tried them all, and here’s what we found.


Carlin- Small iced coffee with almond milk and sugar, Glazed munchkins 

Kaitlyn- Small iced caramel swirl with cream and sugar, Plain bagel toasted with butter


Hall’s Corner- 2.9 miles (7 minutes) from DHS

IMG_2280          IMG_2272

While Hall’s is a go-to, we learned it’s not necessarily the best.

Yes, it may be the most convenient, as it is close to the school, but we found Kaitlyn’s coffee to be far too sweet- she couldn’t even finish it, and Carlin’s to be much too bitter compared to the other locations.

Plus, while it sounds snobby, you need to ask for your hot cups, they don’t just give them to you.

Complaints aside, the location is extremely clean. There were barely any straw wrappers on the counter, and the staff was friendly.

Their munchkins were still slightly warm, as the glaze was practically melting off of them, and the bagel was well toasted.


They were not the most efficient, since the person working the front counter was also making all the drinks ordered, but the service was not overly slow by any stretch of the imagination.

Overall, if you’re in a pinch and need your caffeine fix quickly before school, the Hall’s Corner Dunkin is not a bad place to go, just know that if you choose to go there, you’ll be joined by about half of Duxbury High School population.


Cleanliness- A+

Coffee- B

Food- A

Timeliness- B+

Proximity- A

Cox Corner- 1.6 Miles (4 minutes) from DHS


Another common place for students to head to before school is the Dunkin Donuts in Cox Corner. This was the first place we went to, and it was just recently opened.

Unfortunately, this may not be the best option for people in a rush, since there is no drive through like there is in Hall’s Corner and Kingston.

This location was pretty clean, though the trash can could have benefitted from being emptied- there were straw wrappers practically spilling over.

But on a lighter note, this Dunkin was unquestionably the fastest. We both practically got our coffees the moment we were done placing our order.


Sadly though, there were no Holiday cups at this location, which we know everyone looks forward to during the holiday season.

The moment we got there, there was nobody at the counter, but as soon as they saw us they rushed over to take our orders. The two girls working were very attentive to the customers.

But most importantly, how was our coffee and food? The coffees were definitely made very well, just how we each would have wanted. At first they were very sweet, but once everything settled, they were perfect.

Besides our drinks, the food was good, but compared to others it wasn’t the best. Both the bagel and munchkins were extremely chewy, it was even possible they might have been a bit stale.


We found, overall, that if you’re looking for some good coffee, Cox is easily the best, but the food could be better. Though this location lacked a drive through, the speed our orders came out made up for it.


Cleanliness: B+

Coffee: A

Food: B

Timeliness: A-

Proximity: A+

Kingston Cranberry Crossing- 4.4 Miles (9 minutes) from DHS


The final location we visited was the Dunkin Donuts located near Cranberry Crossing, inside the gas station.

Here, the people were very nice, even complimenting our clothes. They greeted us the moment we walked in the door, and were right away asking us what we’d like.

Though the people here were the kindest compared to the staff at the other locations, there were a few issues with our orders.

Firstly, both of our coffees were much more bitter than the ones we had earlier. Kaitlyn’s wasn’t too bad, but we couldn’t even tell if there was any almond milk in Carlin’s drink.

Another issue we found was the amount of ice in our cups. The coffee-to-ice ratio was very disappointing. There was way too much. And though there is the simple fix, ask for half the ice, a lot of people wouldn’t think to do that.

Besides the mediocre coffee, the food was pretty good.

The munchkins were soft and airy, and less chewy compared to the other locations. The glaze was a bit uneven, but there was still a good amount on each one.

The bagel was toasted well, being perfectly golden brown around the edges. The first bites were very soft, and it definitely stayed warm for the amount of time it took to eat.


The aspect of cleanliness was definitely there, and we wouldn’t say it was too messy, but it was nowhere as clean as the other two. I guess that’s what you get going to a gas station.

There were some straw wrappers littering the ground, and the trash can could have used an emptying, but the counters and table were fairly clean.

Also, the timeliness of this establishment was very impressive. There were plenty of workers doing different jobs, so we went in and out probably within 2 minutes.

Overall, though this Dunkin isn’t as close as the others, it definitely would be a great choice if you’re looking to get your order in a timely manner, without too many crowds of Duxbury students. For those days when you’re in a rush, across the way there is also an express building, making strictly coffees in a faster way than the larger location.


Cleanliness: B

Coffee: B

Food: A-

Timeliness: A

Proximity: B

When you’re waking up and craving a tasty, inexpensive coffee before school, Cox Corner is your best bet. It’s the closest to Duxbury High School, and it definitely isn’t too crowded on those horrific weekday mornings where you roll out of bed looking like a zombie, before finally getting your A.M. caffeine fix.


1st Place: Cox Corner

2nd Place: Hall’s Corner

3rd Place: KIngston Cranberry Crossing



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