What Do DHS Students Think About the Dump’s Recycling Changes?

What Do DHS Students Think About the Dump’s Recycling Changes?

By: Alex B.

As of November 20th, the Duxbury Recycling and Transfer Station made major changes to their recycling system. These changes include a separation of the recycling bin into four separate bins: mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, and plastic and cans.

Before this new system was implemented, Duxbury residents would be able to visit the dump with all of their recyclables in one combined plastic bag. With this new system, residents will need to have separate bags and bins for their recyclables.

The dump is very strict about their rules. On the About Us on their website, it is stated that, “Recycling is mandatory, and all disposed and recycled materials must be put in the correct areas.  For instance, food soiled items, plastic bags, and liquids may not be placed in the recycling area.  Clean paper, cardboard, bottles and rigid containers may not go in the trash.”

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Junior Phil F. said, “You know, I think that recycling is a big part of saving the planet. I believe it’s helping the ecosystem. Definitely, with the different sortings coming into play, it’s very much helping our community get better, go greener, and live a more sustainable life.”

Despite the green intentions of the town, most aren’t too happy with these new changes. Some have come up with their own solution to deal with these new rules.

Some Duxbury students and their families are considering hiring garbage pick-up crews to come and pick up their trash from their homes. Sophomore Eduardo M. said, “I think that pick up is a better idea because some people might not be able to put all of the recycling bags in their car and bring it [to the dump].” Junior Emma B. said, “We weren’t going to waste our time sorting through our [recycling], so we just decided to do pick-up.”

Others have decided to continue dropping their trash off with separated recycling bags. Junior Teddy S. said, “[My parents] are still going to dump [with] their own trash. My mom, though, was pretty annoyed with having to sort it out.”

Overall, Duxbury students seem to be irritated by these changes, as it’s a minor inconvenience. Junior Duncan C. said, “I think it’s going to be kind of annoying at first, but once we get used to it, in maybe a month or two, then it’ll be normal and that it’s just how it goes.”

(Read up about the new changes at the dump here)


Cover image and listing image taken from the Duxbury Recycling & Transfer Station site and final image taken from the Graham Waste pick-up crew site.

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