Mario Gets Mysterious: The Shiverburn Shadows

Mario Gets Mysterious: The Shiverburn Shadows

by Ben F

Even if they are not gamers, most have probably heard the name Mario. Renowned worldwide for being the most iconic, well-known gaming franchise, most things in games with Mario in the title are kid-friendly or just made to put a smile across any gamer’s faces. Nothing scary. Nothing scary, that is, until a discovery was made in the Wii game ‘’Super Mario Galaxy 2.’’ It was known as the Shiverburn Shadows.

Shiverburn Shadow Photo

It was June 2010, exactly a month after the game was released. Critics worldwide gave the game high praise and love.

A user going by the name of Reader Kevin on a gaming site known as ‘’GoNintendo’’ made an intriguing post.

In the level ‘’Shiverburn Galaxy’’ on the cliffs in the background, three odd alien-like creatures were found, having the colors of a shadow, the only other color visible being round white eyeballs. Unfortunately, hackers discovered it was impossible to reach them. They are just a part of the background.

Much speculation, fascination, interest and obsession spread all over the web. Eventually, however, a hacker known as ‘’Girrtacos’’ discovered something rather odd for a friendly, cheerful game: After digging and searching in the game’s coding, he discovered the figures’ filenames were “BeyondHellValleySkyTree.”

Now, after extensive research, hackers learned that ‘’Hell Valley’’ was a real place in Japan, meaning that ‘’Sky Tree’’ must be the creatures’ actual names.

After the discovery in the 2011 Nintendo 3DS game, “Super Mario 3D Land,” a ghost very closely resembling the discovered ‘’Sky Trees’’ was found in a haunted level. It was behind a large, rather tall gate, once again an inaccessible area.

After this, the search for the truth continued, and yet another fascinating find was made: A UFO! In the third level of ‘’Super Mario 3D Land,” the same game where the ghost appeared, was found in the game’s third level. It had been discovered and posted on YouTube by gamer ‘’GSD3DS’’ on December 11, 2011.

If players look into a pair of green binoculars near the level’s start, they will spot a large, white disc circle around the sky. It would mysteriously disappear into the distance; it therefore cannot be seen again unless the level is replayed.

After the UFO discovery, gaming ‘’sleuths’’ believed that all of these discoveries somehow connected to the discovered ‘’Sky Trees’’ which have long been shrouded in mystery.

However, among some of the most well-known, logical theories about these figures was that the ‘’Sky Trees’’ were actually Kodamas, a spirit in Japanese folklore that lives in trees, hence the possible reason the figures in Galaxy 2 are known as the ‘’Sky Trees’’.

Hackers, and some ordinary gamers, analyzed photos of the Kodama spirits of which were told of in ancient Japanese folklore. However, an online gamer obsessed with the figures sent an E-Mail to Nintendo of America headquarters.

So, do these ‘’BeyondHellValleySkyTrees’’ that were discovered those seven years ago have any hidden and/or subliminal message? Do they have no meaning? Is the woman who replied hiding something?

Well, at this point, given the time that has passed, it may forever remain unsolved…and also, may forever cause gamers to tremble with bits of fear.

Image from Some Ordinary Gamers Wiki

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