Letters from DHS Seniors

Letters from DHS Seniors

By: Brooke S

Seniors taking English class with fellow teacher Mrs. Ciccarelli were asked to write a letter answering the following prompt: “What do you hope to see in the year 2018?” They then signed the letters with their name and a adjective of their choice.

These are some of the responses.


“We as a group, a class, a project, a generation need to bring not only our work, our money, our smarts, and our technology, but ourselves. We are going to be there for one another, we are taking our first steps into adulthood. We are going to fix this world.”

-(Samantha, leader)


“In a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and fear, I hope in 2018 there can be some resemblance of peace and understanding in my own life and the lives of people around the world. We all have common fears and hope so why do we find ourselves so divided? I hope we can find a way to better support each other and achieve our common goals.”

-(Hadley, passport)


“My greatest hope for 2018 is that more people choose kindness. Over the past few years, people have become increasingly more angry and hateful. On the news we see acts of violence, terrorism, and hatred, and it’s sad that they have become common in our society. My hope is that people realize that a culture of anger is unsustainable and unhealthy, and that more people choose to spread love rather than hate.”

-(Alex, doctor)


“In 2018, I want to see more learning. I want people to care about what’s happening around the world and I want to see activism. I want to be able to have more stimulating and worthwhile conversations with my peers about world issues and politics that they’ve already been educated on. I want people to be able to learn from their mistakes, and grow from them. I want to see my generation grow into the powerful young men and women they have the potential to be.”

-(Brooke, learner)


“I will look forward to the summer of 2018 with hope. A summer of firsts and lasts. It will be the first summer where I do not know exactly how it will end. The familiarity of starting another year with iLab, familiar faces, and seven classes will be gone. In its place will be the seemingly forever distant freshman year of college along with so many more firsts.”

-(Rachael, pink)


“My biggest fear is that 2018 will be too much like 2017- in terms of politics and general worldly affairs. Because of this, I hope people will begin to question/weigh the true intentions behind their words and actions and understand that some have irreversible consequences.”

-(Hannah, towel)


“In 2018 I hope that we never lose our drive to explore. I hope that there is never a time where all of the questions of the universe lie answered. I hope that we continue to discover new species, new galaxies. I hope we continue to break past our limitations in technology to build machines that can create jobs and save lives.”

-(Michaela, optimist)


“In 2018, I hope for more music. With the addition of music, people and the world become one step closer to being happy and pure. Every person, in one way or another can identify with music or genres that appeal to them. Music is the purest form of expression.”

-(Caroline, hopeful)


“In 2018 I hope that people will put their phones down and experience the world organically. More and more we become obsessed with creating an attractive image of ourselves and lose view of our own true self. It is my personal goal to create a mental picture of the things that I really want to remember.”

-(Ellie, a positivity seeker)


“As the year goes on, we mostly say goodbye to old friends, bid farewell to family, and say hello to new friends. Though we may feel to ourselves that we are the caters of our own universe, bigger and more important happenings take place outside our window.”

-(Liam, guard)


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