A Chilly Start to 2018

A Chilly Start to 2018

By Alex B.

A blizzard, frozen flooding, and (almost) record low temperatures–what a way to start off the new year!

This vicious cold snap has not only victimized New England, but the entire East Coast and beyond. Many decade- and century-old records have been tied and broken this past week across the states, some very close to home.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature in Boston had tied a record low of negative two degrees Fahrenheit, which had first been set in 1896. The week-long cold snap also tied a record for how long it lasted, the record originally set in 1918.

In order to stay warm, junior Sue. B “wore a sweatshirt and a jacket…a hat, and doubled up on bottoms.” Sophomore Willy T. said, “All I did was just stay inside. When I had to shovel, I only went out really quickly and just tried to go as fast as possibly because it was so cold.”

Read more about the cold snap on the East Coast here.

The cold snap and the blizzard have both been very problematic to many towns. Duxbury, Marshfield, Braintree, and many more dealt with coastal flooding in the marshes and by the sea. The local King Caesar Road suffered heavy flooding, icy sea water reaching up to a few feet high in the worst of it.

Read more about the flooding here.


Some Duxbury students lost power during the blizzard. “We lost power and we just played board games until we got it back. It was just a few hours, which was a lucky break,” Junior Ben H. said. “We lost heat, but we increased it before we lost it by a lot, so the house would be really warm when we lost power.”

Other luckier students and their families kept warm and with power during Thursday’s storm. Junior Chase D. said, “We never lost power, but we never really could have because we have a generator, and we were sort of snowed in.” Junior Duncan C. said, “We had a couple light flickers here and there during the day, but other than that, we were fine.”

At most, Duxbury students were mildly inconvenienced with a few hours of no power and a little bit of cold, unless they were prepared for the worst. Here’s to a chilly start of 2018!


All images courtesy of the Duxbury Harbormaster Twitter

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