Patriots vs Titans a Certain Blowout or a Huge Upset?

Patriots vs Titans a Certain Blowout or a Huge Upset?


The New England Patriots will host the Tennessee Titans On Saturday January 13th at 8:15pm in the Divisional Round of The AFC playoffs.

The 9-7 Titans will be looking to upset the 13-3 Patriots to keep their playoff hopes alive after coming off their first playoff win since The Music City Miracle 15 years ago.

The Patriots are coming off their first round bye ,fully rested and ready to make their super bowl run.

The most likely victor of the game is The Patriots, seeing that they are heavily favored by 13.5 points, which will most likely grow after this article is published. The Titans have a struggling offense, with a struggling Marcus Mariota as quarterback.

However the Titans defense is  underrated , and that could potentially cause problems for Tom Brady and The Patriots. While The Titans defense is certainly not  top tier  it holds its own, especially against the run ranking 4th in fewest rushing yards allowed.

While the Titans shouldn’t be underestimated and the Patriots don’t usually underestimate teams we are talking about the same Tennessee Titans who went to overtime with the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns, who went 0-16, whose quarterback led the league in interceptions, and who haven’t made it to the playoffs since 2002. While the Browns have a special place in my heart they are not even close to the level that the Patriots are on.

So long as the Patriots keep the heat on the TItans, and give them no chance to make it into the game, the Patriots will win the game. My guess is at a score of 42-14.


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