DHS Mid-Term Exams


On Tuesday, January 16th, DHS students will begin taking their Mid-term exams. From now until next Friday, many will be studying hard to prepare for the exams. Many teachers give out study guides to let students know what kind of material will be on the test.

These study guides have proved to be useful for junior, Mark D. “Whenever you get a midterm packet, even if it’s optional, just do it. I think It really helps reinforce what you already know, and drills into you what you have trouble on.” Said Mark.

Quizlet is another study source that many students use to study. It uses a variety of methods that can help anyone study something they need, including notecards, games, and more.

“I mostly use quizlet and go through the notes a bunch. I try not to wait until the night before the mid-term to study, repetition really helps.” Said sophomore Dan D.

It’s a good idea to take a break once in a while as well.

“Depending on the class, I like to study notecards. Quizlet also really helps me out a lot.” Said senior Edd J.

Midterms run from Tuesday the 16th to Friday the 19th.

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