Cinderella, the musical

Cinderella, the musical

Duxbury High Schools Drama club will be putting on Cinderella the musical this weekend. They have been preparing for the big debut since the end of October.

Senior Cal P. will be starring as Cinderella with Dylan L. as her prince. Other notable roles include¬†Molly Guinen as the Fairy Godmother, Deborah Cleary and Ronnie Buell as Gabrielle and Charlotte (the Stepsisters), Laurel Boothe as the Stepmother, Wes Moran as Sebastion (Prince’s advisor), Anthony Lyons as Jean-Michel (A local revolutionary), and Sean Craffey as Lord Pinkleton (Town Crier).

Come see the play on, Friday 1/26 and Saturday 1/27 at 7:30 or the matinee showing on Sunday at 1:00pm at the Performing Arts Center!

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