How DHS Students Prepared For and Wound Down After Midyear Exams

How DHS Students Prepared For and Wound Down After Midyear Exams

By Alex B.

Midyear exams: Extremely tough, extremely stressful, and extremely important.

These exams are one of the most important events that will take place over the course of any school year. They show how much of the first semester’s material has been absorbed and understood by the students, and how well they are able to use it.

Many students found themselves stressed and cramming their brains full of information for the next day’s series of exams, which led to a very unenjoyable week. “I spent my entire midterm week studying,” said junior Jack D. “I didn’t get to do anything else during the day.”

Midterms (and finals) count for ten percent of the final grade in the class, twenty if in a half-year course, which is an insane amount for a single test to count for in high school. If one were to do poorly on one of these exams, it would greatly reduce their overall grade in that class, despite how well they were doing in the previous terms.

“I usually studied a little bit right after I got home, and then I just did other things to take my mind off of it, then went back to studying and made sure I was ready for [the next day],” said sophomore Willy T. Junior Kyle L. said, “During [the midterm week], I had track practice, and would go home and play some video games, then study for the next midterms.”


The Duxbury Free Librarya go-to location where students go to meet with tutors and other students to study for upcoming midyear exams. (Image from

Luckily, the stressful, study-filled, brain-cramming week is over, and students can finally relax and put their review guides and textbooks down and away.

“To relax from the whole thing, from school? I went to go see a movie, that’s what I did,” Kyle L. said. Sophomore Donovan O. said, “After midterms, I just slept a lot. I took time to relax and thought about things other than school.”

“I just hung out with friends and did everything but school. I did not want to do anything with it.” Willy T. said. “I did a lot of stuff: I went bowling, I hung out with friends, and I went to Dave & Buster’s,” said Jack D., “Other than that, I just relaxed and chilled out at home.”

Students spent their time during the midterm week preparing for the next day’s exams, along with trying to find a bit of time to relax and unwind to charge up for the next day. After the whole week of intense studying and preparation, students could finally unwind, have fun, and get their minds completely off of school.

However, it’s only halfway through the school year, and there’s still a lot more information to be taught, along with another dreaded session of exams on the last week of the school year. But those are months away! It’s time for students to enjoy the start of a new term and semester.

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