February Break, and How Students Are Spending It

February Break, and How Students Are Spending It

By Alex B.

February break is on the horizon for Duxbury High School, even though it feels like everyone just got back from Christmas break!

February break is one of four official breaks Duxbury students receive throughout the school year, but it’s usually the coldest and least eventful. There are no holidays, unlike Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, and the weather is super cold and chilly, unlike April break.

However, some Duxbury High School students are finding fun things to do over the course of breakand they don’t plan on letting the lack of events or the cold weather ruin their fun.

Some students plan on embracing the cold, and taking to the slopes to take advantage of the snow from the weather. “I might go up north and go skiing,” said sophomore Alex B.

“I’m going to Utah to go skiing at Park City. I’m also going to tour the University of Utah, which will be fun,” said junior Mike G., “There are also these salt flats I want to go to–they’re like these plains of salt. I’m going to have a great time.”

xlarge.jpgAn image of the Park City ski trail, which shows all of the lifts and slopes of the location (image from onthesnow.com)

Other students plan on escaping the cold and heading down south to some warmer places. “I’m going to North Carolina and Florida,” said junior Dylan G., “I’m going to look at colleges, and visit my grandparents. It’s going to be a great time.”

Some students, rather than going away to some slopes to ski or a sunny beach, would rather have a “staycation”, here in Duxbury.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m just working at Target all next week,” said junior Liam C., “I like working there, [my coworkers] are all nice people.” Junior Teddy S. said, “I have an interview [next week] for a summer internship at the State House. I’m also going to my game shop on Saturdays, where we play tabletop games.”

Overall, it seems that students are doing what they can to enjoy their week off from school, whether it’s staying home and working, or traveling up north to ski down a mountain. Hopefully everyone ends up enjoying their third break of the year, and comes back refreshed and ready to continue with the third term.

(Cover image from the GoPro Twitter)

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