The Beautiful South Shore

The Beautiful South Shore

By Kaitlyn B.

The South Shore is an excellent place to live, and theres unique beauty covering pratically every inch of it. Everyone in the area is lucky to live here, because we can enjoy all the gorgeous scenery surrounding us at any time of year. These are a few of the most beautiful places around.

World’s End- Hingham

In Hingham, about half an hour away from Duxbury, is a place called World’s End. World’s end is a 251-acre park and conservation area located on a peninsula. To the North of the park, lays the Weir River, and to the East you can see Hingham Harbor. One of the most amazing views from this park is of Boston harbor. To the West, along with the harbor, you can see the stunning skyline of the city. The trees and fields of this area also attract hundreds of butterflies, and if visited in the summer you can see them all flying throughout the park. At World’s End, you can hike through the paths scattered throughout the park, or you can simply walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Bay Farm- Kingston

Bay Farm Conservation Area is a 1.7 mile trail you can find about 8 minutes away from Duxbury, in Kingston.  Visitors to Bay Farm spend most of their time hiking and walking, and it is most commonly used during the months of April-October. It can be enjoyed through all seasons, though after rain it can be a bit muddy. Bay Farm has something for everyone , including a beautiful meadow, forest, and even a bit of beach.

Minot Beach- Scituate

Minot Beach is one of many stunning, beaches in Scituate, MA. You can find this breathtaking coastal location about 30 minutes from Duxbury. Here, you can wait for high tide and jump from the huge rocks scattered across the beach, or spend time walking along the water. At one end of the beach you’ll find rocks to climb, with plenty of parts to explore, and at the other there is a beautiful lighthouse and an ocean view. This spot in South Scituate is a great place to spedn your time swimming or laying in the sand.

Howland Landing- Duxbury

Howland Landing is a small beach and park area located in South Duxbury, near the Miles Standish Monument. You can find Howland Landing off of Crescent Street. In this small park, you can find gorgeous views of the water, and benches located throughout the area. This spot is a nice place for anything from taking photos to simple relaxation.

Shipyard Lane Beach- Duxbury

On Shipard Lane in Duxbury, another small beach can be found. This gorgeous spot can be found off of Washington Street. In the summer, you swim in the water, jump off the dock a ways out or even explore the marsh area to the right. It’s a wonderful spot, and though there is more water than sand, Shipyard is still a great place to visit and enjoy the beauty of during any season.

Outdoor Learning Center- Duxbury

Also known as The Duxburrow Outdoor Learning Area, another cool place is located just behind the Alden school in Duxbury. Here, you can see wildlife of all kinds, especially in warmer months. The goal of this area, since being developed in 2013 was to create an outdoor learning area that all three of the Duxbury schools could use. Here, you can find a short trail near the golf courses to walk on, a breathtaking pond, and views of the marsh on the other side. This is a great place to walk your dog or just take a short walk or run any time of year.

Brant Rock- Marshfield

The beach at Brant Rock, located in Marshfield, is another pretty place on the South Shore. Brant Rock is a beach with tons of rocks, but that just makes it more fun to explore. Theres lots of restaraunts in the area, like The Hop, a fantastic breakfast place, Haddad’s Ocean Cafe, or The Jetty. The beach is an extremely photogenic area, with a main street one way with lots to do, or the beach in front of you. Even in the winter, it is fun to venture along the beach and even walk out on the jetty, though it’s definitely pretty chilly.

Duxbury Beach and Bay- Duxbury

Lastly, one of the most known places in the area, Duxbury Beach. Duxbury Beach is an amazing place to spend your time, especially in the summer. The sunsets on the bay side are always beautiful. At the beach you can find the Powder Point Bridge, which you can drive or walk across, with lovely views on either side. Here, there is also a restaurant called Blakeman’s, which is a great place for a quick snack or a sit down meal, while you watch the waves roll in the background. Throughout every season, you can find people of all ages walking through the sand, enjoying this wonderful location our town is so lucky to have.

Sunset at Duxbury Beach

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