How Creative Are the DHS Classes?

How Creative Are the DHS Classes?

High school is supposed to be where students find their creative sides. Duxbury High School is no exception. Four polls were sent to each grade, asking whether or not they thought their grade was creative, why did they think that, and if they or someone they knew did something creative for or outside of school.

Senior Caroline V. said, “People in my grade are artists, photographers, and have other creative hobbies and jobs.” Senior Hannah D. agreed with Caroline’s view of the senior class. “Multiple kids in my grade are producing and releasing albums outside of school, both instrumental/vocal and electronic,” Hannah D. said. “There are also some amazing artists in my grade who spend much of their time drawing or painting, and many write short stories.”

Junior Trent W. also thinks there are creative people in the junior class. “Because we have a lot of great artists and have a lot of really smart kids who know how to plan things really well and can think of fun things to do for assignments or projects,” he said.

Some people don’t agree with Trent. “The junior class is facing an epidemic of being unable to think beyond their own viewpoint,” said junior Sam S. “It is imperative for people to be able to consider all possible views and be able to think for oneself as opposed to simply being dogmatic.”

Some sophomores also thought that their grade was not very creative. “I would not say the sophomore class is creative as a whole because we do not get together and do anything outside of school that benefits our class,” said Madison S.

Freshman Thalia S. agrees with Madison. “I believe that less than half of my grade are creative,” she said. “I feel like most of my grade are so obsessed with sports and being physical.” However Gareth C. believes the freshman class is creative. “Our grade is made up of multiple types of people, artists, the musicians, the smart people, the computer people, and the two that are always going to be at school, the creators, and the destroyers,” he said. Olivia S. also agrees with Gareth. She said, “People like to make their own music, make their own art, and they like to write their own stories.”

Creativity seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Duxbury High School has many clubs and classes where people can express their creativity. “Duxbury is a place where kids flourish- there are incredible amounts of opportunity here for students, including the art, drama, robotics, and music clubs / groups,” said senior Alexis D. “Students are also very high achieving in their academics, and I believe intelligence helps foster creativity. With opportunity comes creativity, I think.”

Some examples of creativity can be seen around the school. On the walls are murals made by students. Also, some kids take special classes outside of school. Junior Kacy C. said, “Some people I know have taken art classes outside of school. I have also taken some art classes outside of school so that I have a creative outlet!” Other students tend to write poetry or short stories. “Some of my friends are creating poetry books to support causes around the world,” said freshman Anastasia L. “They write all of the poetry and are in complete control of the entire operation.”

Creativity can be found amongst everyone. However, as sophomore Emma C. said, “People have creativity, but they don’t really use it.” Being creative can be used as an outlet for someone’s own interests. In fact, many people can be considered creative in this school. Madison S. said, “Individually most of us are very creative.”

Maybe people grow into creativity as they move on in high school as seen by the creativity of the senior class and the lack there of in the lower classes.

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