Being safe in the ‘real’ world

Being safe in the ‘real’ world
New horizons

When we venture out of town, if we go onto college, or move away, we will face the ‘real world.’ Duxbury has been a haven for most of us, so here are some tips for keeping yourself safe out there.

Don’t be scared, but be cautious.

When you leave the nest, do not be afraid to create new memories and have new experiences, but do be cautious and look out for yourself in doing so.


Listen to your intuition.

Your gut will tell you when things are not right, heed that warning.


Stay alert

To that point, always stay alert as you are out and about.


Trust is earned

As much as we would love to assume everyone is good, we really have to remember that criminals are out there in all shapes and forms. For your own safety, do not give someone your trust if they haven’t proven themselves.


Reach out

If you have a friend who is a local always reach out to them to get the inside scoop on the city and where to avoid or use extreme caution. If not, you should download the app ‘Bsafe.’ This free app allows you to share your location with friends and family and there is also and emergency button that will send your location to those who follow it and begin recording video and audio on your phone.


Know the signs of danger

As a 17 year old girl, I use the web to be up to date on new crime tactics.

One thing that I thought was very important is that if you are returning to your car in a parking garage alone and there has been a article of clothing placed across your windshield, do not get out of the car to remove it. People do this intentionally and want you to be caught off guard and get out of your car.

To that end, I know this is a bit excessive, but I always look under my car before approaching it in a parking garage.

Also, as you are walking to your car in any sort of parking lot, I keep my key between my pointer finger and middle finger just incase anything happens.


As a member of the Duxbury Community, I hope everyone stays safe and makes wonderful memories out there!


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