March 2018 Storms: Corrected

March 2018 Storms: Corrected
March 2018 has proven to be more like a lion than a lamb this year as three Storms have hit New England hard as of March 16th, and now forecasts predict a 4th storm may hit in the coming week.
The first storm, which hit New England on March 2nd, and the second storm, which struck on March 7th, were mostly comprised of heavy winds with light precipitation around the state. However, the most recent storm brought those same winds accompanied with more than a foot of snow in most areas.
“During the first storm I lost power for 5 days. We had a generator, but it only gave us a few lights, the microwave, and the fridge.” Said junior Mike F.
During the first three storms, many trees were downed and thousands lost power across the state. DHS lost power a twice during the storms.
Flooding was also a major problem during the storms, so bad that Duxbury and Marshfield made national news, appearing on CBS This Morning.
The storms have caused Duxbury to have 4 snow days so far.
Because of the snow days, the school committee and Superintendent Antonucci have decided that Good Friday will now be an early dismissal day rather than a day off. The decision was made to try and help those who will be traveling in June. Anyone who was previously committed to traveling on Good Friday, but is now affected because of snow days will be excused. The full letter can be read here.
What could happen if we we’re to have more snow days?
“A few years ago, our school had so many snow days that we had to go to school on a few Saturdays. Thankfully they were only half days and the teachers let us watch movies all day.” Said Waleed Z. from Weymouth.
Though we have had many snow days this year, the last day of school is still before June 30th, so going to school on Saturdays or over April break will be unlikely to happen.
*A previous version of this article stated that June absences would be excused. This is incorrect. Good Friday absences due to previous travel plans will be excused.

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