Enough is Enough: National School Walk Out

Enough is Enough: National School Walk Out

Thursday, On March 15, Duxbury students walked out of their high school in protest of the country’s current gun laws, following the death of 17 people on a school campus in Parkland, Florida.

In recognition of the victims, and in solidarity with anyone who has been involved and any sort of gun violence, the surviving students arranged for a national school walkout to occur on Wednesday, March 14th.

The event at DHS was postponed due to the recent winter storm, but that did not affect the turnout.

During this protest, students all over America had the option to participate in a 17 minute period of peaceful protest, after exiting their school building. At our own school, many students participated.

The student who set up the event at DHS, Abby C., said why she chose to arrange this for our school. Abby said, “It is to stand up and stand in solidarity with all of these others schools for basically just, common sense gun reform.” She said, “It is by no means an attack on the second amendment, it’s just taking the first steps to start treating guns as a privilege rather than a right.”

Abby spoke with the staff and administration at our school, and pushed to make this event happen. 

Mr Donovan said, “It has been a long time since there have been student protests of any kind really. The concerns that the police have of people coming to campus are real, and we have to balance that out.”

Cammack S., a junior said, “I don’t support all the political reasons that the march went on for, but I love seeing kids being politically active and advocating for what they believe in.”

Students gathered outside DHS by Mr. Brown

Though staff members were pleased to see students fighting for what they believe, there were concerns that the administration had in the beginning, but they worked out.

“This is kind of uncharted territory.” continued Mr. Donovan, the principal of DHS. He said, “I have been working with the police department, trying to figure out a way in which students can exercise their right to protest.”

Besides the concerns, the outcome of the National School Walk Out was extraordinary here at DHS.

Mr. Donovan said, “What I think is encouraging in many ways is that students your age have decided that they are going to engage, which is not something that has happened in my day. “

Students among those who walked out gave their views on the issue.

Sophomore, Liv M., said, “I think that it’s really good movement to stop gun violence. We are the generation beginning the revolution.”

Charlotte B., a junior said, “I walked out because I want to feel safe in my own school. I think it’s ridiculous that so many people have died because of guns.”

After seeing how many students participated, Abby C. gave her input. She said, “I am so happy with the turnout here. It was so awesome to get to speak and see so many people who are just in agreement with this, and who are in support of this. I truly have so much faith in our generation and what we will bring to the table.

The revolution for reform is not going away. Students all over the country have the power to set the stage for the future, and they will not give up.

You can find the speech Abigail C. gave at the event here:


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