Duxbury Robotics Team To Compete in Rhode Island District Qualifier

Duxbury Robotics Team To Compete in Rhode Island District Qualifier


The Duxbury robotics team will be competing in the Rhode Island District qualifying event for the World Robotics Championship in Detroit. The event will be at Bryant University on March 24-25.

The competition consists of building a robot capable of lifting cubes and putting them on a scale, the more cubes and the more weight, the more points. In addition to scoring the points, the robot must be able to defend their own scale from the opposing team. The robotics team had a build season of a month to a month and a half to complete the robot. F.H Peterson, a machine shop, was one of the sponsors for the robotics team. They supplied them with the robot chassis or mainframes designed by the robotics team made of aluminum.

The robotics team also needed to assemble everything except for some of the motors and some of the electronic boards. Junior Tristan B. said, “The most challenging part of the build was staying under the weight limit of 120lbs, we had to start cutting pieces off in order to stay under the weight limit.”

The Dragons robotics team has the chance to compete in the world championships with 40,000 people watching. Freshman Augustas S. says that, “I am a little bit nervous but very excited.”

Photo Credit:Matthew Perenick

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