Ask Andy #3

Ask Andy #3
  1. Why does DHS pretend to recycle?

Well, this topic has actually already been covered on The Dragon Flyer, so I’ll let you read that.


  1. Are you single?

Andy isn’t looking for anyone right now, sorry.


  1. Why can’t students buy from breadboard?

This has been a question students have been asking for years and years, before I even entered high school. In the old school, students actually could buy from breadboard, but they made the change of limiting the service to just teachers when we switched buildings because of the interference it causes with the schools lunch provider. However, if you take the breadboard class as a senior, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to being able to make food in the kitchen.


  1. What’s the hardest question you have ever received on this platform?

I’ve received a lot of relationship advice questions, but to be honest, based on the names written, the wording/scenarios, and the fact that they’re signed with “xoxo”, I can’t distinguish if they’re jokes or not. So, let’s just stop the fake questions and keep this legit.


  1. Can you recommend some good board games?

I’m a huge fan of Sorry, Guess Who, and obviously, Monopoly.


  1. US history or world?

I’ve always preferred US history. World, and more specifically, European history was not my strong suit. US history, in my opinion, is much more interesting and enjoyable to learn about.


  1. Do you realize when you empty the bag in your vacuum you become the vacuum cleaner?

These are the kind of questions that really just grind my gears.


  1. How can I wake up in the morning (not coffee)?

Splash your face with cold water! I’m serious, this works. Just a little side note about coffee- I now rarely drink it because I found that my days would be anxiety filled whenever I started my day with Dunkin, so I honestly recommend everyone tries to lean away from having caffeine in the morning.


       9. How many AP classes should I take?

I’m not going to put a number out there as an answer to this question because it all really depends on the person. Don’t just take an AP class for the how it will look on your transcript. I have friends who have been taking AP’s since sophomore year and I have friends who have never taken any, and they all turned out just fine. AP’s are rigorous, so I think if DHS offers a class that you already love at an AP level, and you think it would actually be an interesting class, then go for it, but don’t overwork yourself when you don’t need to.




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