What DHS Students Are Doing This Spring

What DHS Students Are Doing This Spring

By Alex B.

The long winter seems to finally be subsiding in Duxbury, as temperatures begin to get warmer and the snow and ice begin to melt away.

March has been a rather stormy month for all of New England, with the Nor’easter and the multiple snow stormsweather that is uncharacteristic of Spring. Now, with all of the stormy weather over and done with, Spring can finally peek out and bloom.

While there are no leaf piles to jump in or snowy slopes to ski down, there are plenty of other activities to do in the Spring. Some DHS students already know what they’re going to do for the Spring months, and some are preparing for it already.

Spring sports are a major part of the Duxbury culture, and a large portion of Duxbury students take part in some way in them. “I’m going to be doing track,” said sophomore Will T, “You can do a variety of things, like long jump, sprinting, javelin, all that stuff.” Junior Sue Bird said, “I play Girls Lacrosse. It’s a really fun sport and the people on the team are really fun to be around.”

“I’m playing rugby, lifting, doing drama, and wrestling,” said junior Liam O., “I enjoy rugby the most because it’s a team sport, you get to hang out with people, and it’s cool to be part of a team.”


Image from the Duxbury Track Twitter

While some have their Springs planned out with sports and other plans, others are just prepared to relax and enjoy what comes at them. Junior Dom B. said, “I’m not really sure [what I’ll do], but the weather is usually nice so I’ll enjoy that.” Junior Chase D. said, “I’m gonna be working out more and going out to the beach and swimming. Yeah, swimming in the spring!”

Most Duxbury students have their Spring activities set, and some are just going with the flow and planning to enjoy the warming temperatures of April. Anything’s better than the horrid weather of this March!

Read more about March’s weather and storms here from the Dragon Flyer itself.

Cover image from the Duxbury Harbormaster’s Twitter

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