When coming to and from school, or just driving around Duxbury, you may have noticed the construction going on in the Millbrook area (near Benchwarmers). The construction of the new buildings, located on the corner of Railroad Ave and Saint George Street, been going on for quite some time now.

The project is officially called “The Millbrook Marketplace” by it’s developer, Juliano Enterprises.

The website for Juliano Enterprises states that; “Once complete this open-air retail & living destination will feature New England style architecture and a central green space courtyard.”

The Millbrook developments in November of last year.

“I noticed the buildings surrounding the new ones also got redone, it looks much better. I hope something good goes in when they finish.” Said Chris B.

An article in the Duxbury Clipper that was published last year said that, “The Duxbury Zoning Board of Appeals gave the green light to local developer Michael Juliano to build three new commercial buildings at his Millbrook-area development located on Railroad Avenue and Saint George Street.”

“I’m hoping they put in a bakery.” Said Keith S.


(The text below is the same text on the left side of the picture above.)


“Millbrook Station is a new and unique mixed use development located in historic Duxbury. The location is ideal just off the highway and on the main thoroughfare to the beach, schools, library and athletic fields. The property will feature new parking, lighting, landscaping, and utilities. The existing buildings have been meticulously restored to capture the warm New England charm they once boasted. The new buildings will add to the aesthetically pleasing architecture and will feature retail and office spaces with high ceilings, big windows, and large open spaces. When complete, this open-air retail, office, and living destination will feature New England style architecture and a central gathering courtyard.”


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