Standish Humane Society

Standish Humane Society

Abandonment, abuse and boredom are all reasons animals come into the care of the Standish Humane Society. Some love their cute kitten but neglect it when it grows, others move away and leave their pet behind. For whatever reason, an animal is stranded, helpless and in need.


Adoptable cat amung peers



The Standish Humane Society has provided astounding care to its animals since it opened its doors in 1990. But this Duxbury-born organization takes a unique approach to sheltering orphaned felines. Clerk Joyce Keyes said, “Here our animals are treated like family pets.” Similar to family pets, none of the animals are confined to cages.

This open home and open heart mentality leads to a more successful matching process, families can truly see the cat’s full personality before adoption.


Rescued homeless cats flown from Florida 



Standish Humane Society cares for its animals as if they were their own, Keyes said “It’s just extraordinary the care that they get.”


To no surprise, this shelter is no kill and prides itself on willingness to help any cat in need. This devotion explains their extreme vetting process, “I am utterly amazed about the vetting that is done at standish” said Keyes. Cats come from all over New England, and sometimes various states to find their forever home through Standish.


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Shelter cat in open room



This organization is committed to making sure that these cats will be properly loved and cared for.

Recently, Standish flew over 20 cats from florida after Hurricane Irima left them homeless. Overall Standish Humane Society is not your average shelter, “I personally have volunteered at a number of different shelters that involved animals, but I stopped when I met Standish because it’s a very different feel,” said Keyes.


This shelter started when a few women back in 1970 started to care for abandoned and injured animals, after a number of years spreadingawareness and gaining support, The Standish Humane Society was born and continues to give remarkable care to its animals. President Julie Salamone said, “We love our cats.”


If you enjoy helping animals or supporting a great cause, please consider volunteering your time at the Standish Humane Society.

Phone- (781) 834-4663



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