3 Biggest Questions So Far From The Celtics-76ers Playoff Series

3 Biggest Questions So Far From The Celtics-76ers Playoff Series

After the second game in the Boston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ers playoffs series, here are the three biggest questions to be answered in the series.

Will the Celtics sweep The 76ers?

The Celtics are leading the series 2-0 after last night’s win where the Celtics saw a 22 point comeback that won them the game. The Celtics fan in me wants them to sweep the 76ers but I think that the 76ers will win one game in the series.

Is Jaylen Brown healthy?

After missing game one of the series due to a hamstring injury, Brown came back last night, dropping 13 points and accumulating 4 rebounds, one assist, and one steal. Although it was later reported that he had gone against the orders of a team doctor, I think that he is quite healthy, especially after watching his monster dunk in the first quarter.

Will the Celtics continue to contain the 76ers’ potent offense?

After holding the 76ers fake rookie Ben Simmons to only one point last night and having Embiid drop from scoring 31 points in game one to only scoring 20 points last night, I think that the Celtics can continue to contain the 76ers, although they might need to focus more on point guard J.J. Reddick.

Of course these are only speculations and we will see these questions answered in the next few games in the series.

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