An Open Letter to Vogue: Farfar’s is not French Memories

By: Carlin H.

Dear Editors of Vogue and Todd Plummer,

My name is Carlin H. and I am a junior at Duxbury High School. Recently, my journalism teacher gave us an assignment to “disambiguate” a local ice cream shop. My fellow student journalists and I searched the Internet, trying to find some articles that took food reviews and put a unique spin on them. I decided that I wanted to do an article where I compared a bunch of ice cream shops in the area and then rank them based on a few factors. But then I went onto Farfar’s website and while I was flipping through, I noticed that you covered Duxbury in a large article. After reading through the piece, which was beautifully written by the way, I just have one small note, you know, from one journalist to another: check your links… Farfar’s is not French Memories.

Lucky for you, Farfar’s doesn’t seem to be too offended, as they said on Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.04.22 AMtheir website, which I linked just so you can check out the real thing, that they believe perhaps you just haven’t visited their establishment. Maybe that’s true, and if that’s the case, that makes me wonder what other places you didn’t visit in town. Another note, just from my experience: You can’t write a good article or a good review without actually going to the places that you are going to review.

If you had actually gone to Farfar’s, perhaps your review might have looked something like this…

Farfar’s is an eclectic ice cream shop located on the south shore of Massachusetts in the quaint town of Duxbury. As you walk inside, your nose will be instantly met with delicious aromas of waffle cones and homemade Danish ice cream. The shop has very charming décor, including photos of the staff and some Danish flags. The ice cream is absolutely delectable, extremely creamy and very flavorful. If you’re in Duxbury, it is very much worth the time to go in and grab yourself an ice cream cone.

It’s as simple as that- just a small paragraph. I completely understand you might be pressed for space, which is completely understandable. If that was the case, then next time, please just make sure you have the right link.

Best wishes,

Carlin H.

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