Serving up Smiles at Farfar’s

Serving up Smiles at Farfar’s

If you live in Duxbury, you have most likely been to or driven by Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream shop at one point or another. Located on St. George Street. It’s on the way to the beach, school, and the harbor.

Farfar’s is also a popular place to work among teenagers looking for a summer or after school job.
Maggie N. and Molly G, who both work at Farfar’s were nice enough to answer a few questions about their experience as employees at the shop.

What is it like to work at Farfar’s?

Maggie: “Super fun! The staff is all friendly and supportive. It’s usually really busy so we have to help each other out when we can – if anyone spills a frappe we jump in to help clean it up and when I was new everyone was so understanding. It never really feels like I’m working because the environment is so nice.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Maggie: “It honestly changes every shift I work but you can’t go wrong with Salted Caramel or Oreo.”

What kind of job(s) do you do at Farfar’s?

Maggie: “The biggest one is helping customers – taking their orders, getting their ice cream, and ringing them up at the register. Other than that, we clean up the shop during the last hour of our shifts, which includes jobs like washing used cans, wiping counters, and restocking ice cream.”

How hard is it?

Maggie: “There’s a learning curve, but it becomes second nature after you work enough shifts. I definitely had trouble getting into the swing of things for the first few weeks (and at the beginning of the season when we’ve been closed for the winter) but it all comes naturally after time. For me, the biggest struggle was mentally counting back change because our register doesn’t do it for us.”

What age groups does Farfar’s typically hire?

Maggie: “Almost all new hires are sixteen (or fifteen and nearly sixteen).”

Advice for anyone looking to work there?

Maggie: “Be patient with your skills. It feels awkward at first having to talk to customers and clarify their orders, and you won’t be the fastest at making change at first, but it will come. Also, it really helped me having known the shop and having tried all the flavors when I first started because I could give recommendations and summaries of flavors almost right off the bat just from having had them myself.”

Do you get free ice cream?

Maggie: “We are allowed to help ourselves to any ice cream when we are on shifts, and friends and family of staff get a discount on pints and quarts of ice cream.”

Any Customer stories?

Maggie: “I started working there last summer so I haven’t been there for any crazy stories, but I definitely recognize a lot of the regulars who come in almost every day. If it’s someone who really comes in a lot, sometimes we know their order before they even say it. I just love how friendly both the staff and the customers are!”

Any other thoughts?

Maggie: “Not really, just that it’s been a great experience working there. I had been coming into Farfar’s for almost ten years before I was hired so it was great starting work at a place I knew so well. I still never get sick of the ice cream!”




(Below is Molly’s interview)

What is it like to work at Farfars?

Molly: It’s really fun to work at Farfars! My bosses are really nice and all of the employees are great to work with. I like interacting with the customers as well. It is kind of hard to be in a bad mood while buying ice cream, so pretty much everyone I meet is very pleasant.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Molly: Mint Chocolate Chip.

What kind of job(s) do you do at Farfars?

Molly: Other than scooping ice cream it is mostly cleaning. Every few hours the floors have to be swept and mopped, the counters are all wiped down, and empty ice cream cans have to be washed. We also clean all the work areas and scoops to make sure everything is clean for the customers. We also re-stock supplies and change out cans of ice cream before closing and as needed when we run out.

How hard is it?

Molly: It can be difficult at first to remember some of the job procedures and how to manage very the large crowds we get in the shop (especially in the summer). It also took me a little while to get comfortable making change in my head since the cash register only tells you the total. After the first few shifts though it is easy to get into the swing of things.


Advice for anyone looking to work there?

Molly: Learn how to deal with difficult customers well.

Any Customer stories?

Molly: The issues we get most often are customers get confused about the sizes; kid, regular, and large instead of kid, small, medium, and large like most places. People also often get mad that we don’t offer sprinkles as a topping, and occasionally customers will get angry that we don’t have anything sugar/dairy free or serve frozen yogurt. Every worker has been lectured many times by random people about changes we need to make the menu and why (even though we don’t really have any say over it).

Any other thoughts?

Molly: Farfars is a great place to work!


You can visit Farfar’s website here: 

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