The Atmosphere of Farfar’s

By Daniel F.

It’s about a ten minute walk from Duxbury High to Farfar’s. It’s a nice stroll, walking alongside actual sidewalks in a town where they’re rare. You can see the trees blowing in the wind and take in the fresh air.

When you get to Farfar’s, the first thing you see is a gravel driveway. You can hear the rocks crunching underneath your feet as you walk onto the wooden patio in the front.

The place looks like an old cabin by the sea. There’s a map of the town near the open red doors, inviting you inside to have something quick to eat and drink. The place looks more like a shrimping place than an ice cream shop, with the hooks and nets on the walls.

When you go inside, you can see pictures on the wall of past employees. From 2002 to now, you can see people that went to Duxbury High in collages of photos sent into frames. You can stop and see if there’s anyone you know that worked there.

When you go to the counter, the first thing you see is pictures on the glass both. Prom photos of the people who work there and their dates. You can see your friends smiling in their dresses and suits, looking like they’re having a good time.

There are also shirts for sale. You can see a small red and a small tie dye shirt with the place’s name hanging on the wall. Then you can get whatever you wanted and put a tip into the tip jar: a cow.

You can eat out back in an outdoor patio area, with red benches used for tables and plastic chairs. You notice kiddie chairs along one of the walls, the kind that remind you of the chairs for play houses you knew growing up.

Finally, you can drink from an old, crude looking water fountain. It’s the kind that looks like it came out of the early 20th century, with water that goes to the ground. The place looks old, like it’s been their for a while. It looks like a clichéd small town eatery, one where you can sit back with friends and talk about school or the upcoming summer. It’s cosy. Perfect for a small town.

And then when you’re done, you can take that same ten minute walk and enjoy the cool breeze while you walk and talk to your friends.

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