Which Ice Cream is the Best Ice Cream?

Which Ice Cream is the Best Ice Cream?

By Kaitlyn B.


Growing up in Duxbury, of course I’ve been to the well known Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop. Farfars is located on St. George street, right by Uncommon Grounds and Benchwarmers.

Throughout my childhood, I’ve had so many unforgettable experiences there, so I decided to go back and try all the flavors loved by my younger self.

I tried my own favorite ice cream flavors, and those of other Duxbury residents. After tasting them all, I categorized them based on how they made me feel.

Vanilla; I started out with vanilla, the most basic flavor out there. The vanilla at farfars was not entirely unlike any other vanilla ice cream from Scoops or Dairy Queen, but it was fine. For vanilla, this was a good representation. I’d say this flavor was the most bland out of them all, but for someone who likes to keep things simple, this would definitely be the best for you.

Black Raspberry; I followed the scoop of vanilla with something a little more exciting, but still pretty basic. I tasted what I’d categorize as a go-to Summer flavor, black raspberry. I’ve always loved black raspberry ice cream. It’s perfectly sweet but fruity enough to keep things interesting.

Chocolate; Then, I went back to a general favorite among probably 99% of ice cream enthusiasts, chocolate. I quickly categorized this flavor as the happiest, because chocolate makes everyone happy. The chocolate ice cream at Farfars was perfectly sweet, creamy, and full of chocolate flavor.

Peanut Butter; After some deliciously sweet, milky chocolate flavor, I went with something I knew I didn’t like too much. Peanut butter. There’s only one thing more disgusting than peanut butter, and that’s peanut butter ice cream. Why ruin a perfect ice cream cone with peanut butter? Unpopular opinion: I’ve NEVER liked peanut butter. I think it smells awful and tastes even worse. No matter how much I detest peanut butter, I tried it, because it’s easily a crowd favorite. This one wins the award for most classic, no matter how much i hated it.

Bubblegum; Next, I tried a childhood favorite of mine, bubblegum. When I was younger I was always beyond mesmerized about the fact that 2 of my favorite things- bubblegum AND ice cream could get wrapped up in one. I categorized this flavor as the most nostalgic. I can definitely see why my younger self adored this kind of ice cream, from the bright pink color to the sweet mix of chewy bubblegum and creamy ice cream. And, something even better about it, THERE IS REAL BUBBLE GUM IN IT! You’re ice cream/bubble gum experience will last even longer since you can keep chewing it after you finish your cone. (or cup- if that’s what you like)

Oreo; After bubblegum, I went for some oreo ice cream. Based on what other Duxbury residents told me, including the person serving my ice cream, oreo was the most popular. I love oreos, but honestly I never understood the combination of oreo cookies and ice cream. I feel like it’s just too sweet, but that’s just me. It’s no surprise that this kind won the award for sweetest on my list.

Peppermint; Once I recovered from that sugary, creamy oreo cookie flavor, I decided it was time for my personal favorite, peppermint. Peppermint has always been my favorite because it’s just so amazing. It has a perfect balance between chilly mint and sweet ice cream, and the color makes it even better. Peppermint ice cream from Farfars is pastel pink, with all the pastel mint chip colors mixed in. Peppermint wins the award for the most exciting ice cream. And yes, it’s better than mint chocolate chip.

Overall, that day I ate too much ice cream, but it was worth it.

Least exciting: Vanilla 7/10

Most exciting: Peppermint 10/10

Happiest: Chocolate 8/10

Most Nostalgic: Bubblegum 9/10

Sweetest: Oreo 7/10

Most classic: Peanut Butter 5/10

Most Summery: Black Raspberry 9/10



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