Green Light

Green Light

By Fletcher D., Carlin H., Eva B., and Kaitlyn B..

The Duxbury Green Light is the place to go for the freshest smoothies and juices in town.

While some people have accused the Green Light of pre-making all of their beverages, owner Katie Dixon said otherwise.

“99% are made to order, but on busy days we will sometimes make the Greenlight juice in large batches as opposed to just one cup at a time.”

She added that pre-making them would be difficult because people often order juices and ask some ingredients to be left out.

Duxbury is one of a few Green Light Locations owned and operated by the founder Dave “Raw Dave” O’Brien. The other locations in the Franchise include Belmont, Arlington and Hingham.

Although, the Duxbury Green Light operates mostly independently.

**We, as the Investigative group of the Dragon Flyer spent all year trying to prove a rumor that the Green Light was pre-making their juices. Fortunately for the residents of Duxbury, there was no scandal to uncover here, but stay tuned for next year when we continue the Dragon’s Eye and hopefully unveil some more unknown truths to the town of Duxbury.

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