Blue Blinds Bakery

Blue Blinds Bakery

Blue Blinds Bakery

By Fletcher Donohoe

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Hiding in a side street on the Plymouth waterfront is one of the South Shore’s best bakeries, Blue Blinds.

The first feature of the shop that catches the eye is the sign. In juxtaposition with the commercial feel of downtown Plymouth, Blue Blinds touts a rustic wooden sign.

Once inside, murals of pilgrims and the sea are plastered all over the walls. In the center of the room is a great brick fireplace. The counter is long and hosts a variety of products.

Coconut-Chocolate Cluster:

This was my personal favorite out of the four. It was a coconut cream cluster half covered in a milk chocolate shell. The coconut was sweet and toasted lightly, the chocolate complimented it perfectly.

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Chocolate-Peanut Cluster:

This one was a cluster of peanuts and milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on top. The chocolate was heavenly, and the peanuts were absolutely perfect. The only problem was the texture and shape. The shape was oblong, and made eating it a challenge. The texture of the chocolate was too crunchy.

Maple Scone:

Plain and simple this was the most boring one out of the bunch.  It was very good but there was not much to it. It was just a maple flavored scone with a pecan on top. For a scone, it was great.


The Sticky Bun:

This abomination to my health was the most difficult to eat because of its sheer size. It weighed in at about a 1/4 of a pound. Despite its size, it was the best sticky bun I’ve ever tasted. It’s perfect combination of cinnamon, pecans, fresh bread, and a caramel glaze made for a perfect storm of tasty (but unhealthy) goodness.

Blue Blinds has a pastry menu that changes sometimes daily, so these specific sweet treats will not last long! Grab a bite before it’s too late!

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