Five Essential Things to Do Before Summer is Over

Five Essential Things to Do Before Summer is Over

By: Carlin H.

With school back in session, the official end of summer is near. If you consider Labor Day to mark the real end of summer, then your free time and relaxation under the sun will soon come to an end. So, why not make the most of the last five days of summer by doing some of these essential activities before the season draws to a close.

Grab an Ice Cream

Summer is the best time to go out after dinner and grab an ice cream cone. Everyone has their favorites, whether it be Dairy Twist, Far Fars, Scoops, or maybe somewhere else. Wherever it is, treat yourself to a refreshing treat before we say goodbye to summer for nine months. “Dairy Twist is definitely my favorite spot,” said sophomore Devyn H. “I love the cotton candy ice cream.”

My personal tip: Go to Dairy Twist and get the mango sorbet- you will not regret it.

vsco_110715Watch a sunrise (or a sunset if you’re not an early bird)

Watching a sunrise is one of the most refreshing ways to start a morning. The air is cooler, the roads are quiet, the birds are chirping- everything is calmer. While it does force you to get up earlier, it is an amazing summer experience, plus, it makes for great Instagram pictures! Sunsets pretty much the same photo experience, just without the calmness of a sunrise. “I love watching sunrises in the summer,” said junior Libby W., “because normally you can’t see them during the school year and it’s just a really pretty thing to watch and take pictures of.”

My personal tip: Head to the back lawn of Duxbury Bay Maritime School to watch the sunrise over the harbor.


Jump off of Bluefish Bridge

Bluefish Bridge is an landmark location for people who live in Duxbury and jumping off of it has been an essential summer activity for many of its residents since they were very young. This particular activity does require some caution, as there are rocks at the bottom of the river, but it is definitely a summer essential. Senior Sam M. said, “I would say it is an iconic Duxbury experience. It’s something you do as a little kid and you look forward to it being a part of your summer.”

Pro tip: Make sure you go as close to high tide as possible.

Go Shopping at the Plymouth Waterfront

Park on a side street and start walking- the downtown Plymouth area has something for everyone. With lots of great restaurants and shopping for everyone, there is something that you can do there.

My personal tip: Some of the best shopping is up a block from the actual waterfront. Head up a little bit to hit some cool stores, like the Laughing Moon, and eat at some delicious restaurants, like Vela or Will and Co.

Play an Outdoor Sport

There are many outdoor sports that can be played into the fall. As the weather cools, however, many people are unlikely to go on a stand up paddle board or a kayak while the air temperature is almost the same as the water temperature. Rent some paddle boards or kayaks and paddle around the bay. Not only will you get a great workout, it’s also a fun way to explore the beach.

My personal tip: Go at sunrise, then you get the views of the sky in addition to the views of beautiful Duxbury Beach.



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