Mr. Warmington, Duxbury’s New Assistant Principal

Mr. Warmington, Duxbury’s New Assistant Principal

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By Kacy C.

Meet Mr. Warmington, Duxbury High School’s new assistant principal. This will be Mr. Warmington’s second year working for Duxbury Public Schools, as he was a special team chairperson last year. Before working for Duxbury, Mr. Warmington attended Fitchburg State for his Masters. He also worked at Cardinal Cushing Centers in Hanover as the director of IEP Services, Methuen High School and before that, was at the Merrimack Special Ed Collaborative.

When he isn’t working, Mr. Warmington enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He said, “I just really like hanging out with family and friends. My wife always tells me to get a hobby. I just go hang out at the beach. I go to sporting events, all that type of stuff I enjoy.”

Mr. Warmington also enjoys history, and before pursuing a career in special education, strived to be a history teacher. “I realized I wanted to teach probably as early as middle school, but definitely high school. I had a great history teacher all four years and I realized I wanted to do that for a living.” In regards to Duxbury’s history teachers, he said, “ I get jealous of Mr. Alberti and all the history teachers who actually get to do the craft.  I fell away from history and moved into special ed and have been in special ed ever since and I enjoy it.”

Mr. Warmington was immediately drawn to Duxbury and the bonds that the residents of Duxbury have formed with one another. When he moved to the South Shore, Duxbury was one town among many that stood out for its togetherness, sense of community, and the overall excellence of its’ education system. “I moved to the South Shore, and obviously, when you come here you hear about the towns and locations. Duxbury is just one of those towns and you drive through it and it seems special. Then you meet the people and they are special. When the opportunity arose, I jumped on it.”  

Mr. Warmington also acknowledged Duxbury’s initiative to supply laptops to students and recounted his own experiences with technology at previous schools. He said, ”At Methuen, there was a one to one iPad, so every student came in with an iPad. I think it’s great , but it is a double-edged sword. You have to make good decisions. It does have to be controlled and monitored, which I think we do a good job at. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives and the students seem to be doing well with it.”

One vital piece of advice that Mr. Warmington learned throughout his high school experience that has helped him and he hopes will help the students of Duxbury High School is, “Just enjoy every step. The good ones as well as the bad ones. The more you experience the better. In the end, you won’t regret it.” Mr. Warmington is greatly looking forward to the experiences he will have as the assistant principal of DHS, and he can’t wait to get to know the students and teachers that make up this school’s character.


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